Verge Product Family

KEK partnered with Allworx to refresh and evolve the company's line of IP phones to parallel the new class of technology inside. Featuring contextual buttons and a universal form language that can fit into any office, the Verge product line is setting the standard for in-office business communications. 

Two base phones and an expander were designed, engineered and prototyped by our team. Working closely with Allworx, design changes happened in real time to deliver a product that perfectly fit the customer's specifications.

All-In-One VoIP Communication Platform

A new look for a new age

of business communication

From the outset, our designers dove into sketching and form studies to quickly present an array of aesthetic options for Allworx to consider. Feedback from these concepts guided refinement to the finished product.

Preliminary Concepts

Refined Concepts

For the Verge project, our refinement phase was orchestrated through Illustrator orthographic renderings. This format was ideal for button layouts and conveying the graphic composition of the phone.

A third round of revisions solidified 

the design intent for the product line.

CAD Development

To understand and visualize the form, CAD models were created. These models also allowed for material and color explorations as well as more effective communication of our design intent to the team at Allworx.

Handset Design

The handset design for the Verge phones was a substantial undertaking. Ten concepts were fleshed out and critiqued for their adherence to the form language of the base and for comfort.

Stand Design

Starting with an ergonomics study, the design of the stand for the Verge line needed to support  multiple viewing angles while carrying the same clean design language as the rest of the phone.

CMF Specification

Along with the physical design, our teams put together a packet specifying the colors, materials, and finishes for each piece of the Verge product family. 

Allworx Verge Phone Specifications
Casting Molds and a Part

Short-run Prototypes

From Design and Engineering into the Model Shop, functional housings for the Verge product family were cast in quantity using our in-house soft tooling process. Parts were poured in a black polyurethane and hand finished to reach a production quality output.

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