Touchscreen Tablets

Medical Entertainment System

Together with Elo Touch Solutions, KEK designed and prototyped a new family of four touchscreen monitors for use in medical environments.

From brainstorming through full-sized appearance models, our team concentrated on maintaining an appropriate aesthetic for a healthcare electronic device while delivering a rugged, easily cleanable and approachable form.

Galeria del Ministerio de Defensa del Perú

Our design needed to be friendly

and approachable for all ages. 

Form Development

Through hand sketching, illustrator rendering, and 3D CAD models, the form and style of the touchscreen family were refined into initial concepts for feedback from Elo Touch Solutions.

Component Fitting

After receiving the electronics design from the team at Elo Touch Solutions, our designers moved the selected designs closer to reality by sizing the forms to fit all the necessary components and allowing for ports and cables.

Preliminary Models

To evaluate the refined forms, the KEK model shop built foam form studies of the three most promising concepts. A preliminary color study was applied to the models.

Both table top and wall mounted versions

were developed to best adapt to its environment.

Final Appearance Model

A final model was built by our model shop to communicate our design intent and usability. Additions to hold a handset were crafted for both the tabletop and wall mounted versions. 

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