Two-way Portable Radio

Designed with input from Public Safety professionals, the Harris XL-200P is the only full-spectrum, LTE-capable radio on the market today.We conducted interviews and observational research with local first responder units and designed the new radio to incorporate significant advancements in audio quality and a more intuitive user interface. 

Ergonomics guided the design of the XL-100

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By studying the basic forms and knob configurations of current radios, we saw how the subtlest details affect usability. Our team created a succession of block models to evaluate new ideas. The models represented a multitude of arrangements for the knobs and top displays. The models were tested to see how well people with different hand sizes could grip the radio while interacting with the controls. 

UI Radio Face Exploration


Following our design phase, all parts were analyzed for manufacturability and strength. Parts were divided and CNC pathed for machining in our model shop. 

Knob Design Exploration
Appearance models with color variations
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