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Get Physical Fast

Form Studies






Short Run


Form Studies

Inexpensive volume models are often utilized in the design process to evaluate scale and ergonomics of proposed concepts. Our model shop has full capabilities for form studies made from foam, ABS, and foam-core among many others

Form studies also provide a good base for initial color exploration. We can spray a wide variety of paints in any color you can imagine.  

Appearance Models

Appearance models are non-functional, yet visually-accurate representations of a final design. They allow for refinement of color, materials and finishes, as well as final ergonomic detailing. 

Sometimes built at larger or smaller scales, appearance models are great promotional tools for trade shows or for selling your idea to buyers and investors. 

Our shop builds custom appearance models in small quantity or short-run. We're here to meet your needs. 

Functional Prototypes

Designed and built to show how a product works, these models function just like the real thing. Whether your team is supplying the internal components for a KEK built custom housing or if you're counting on us for the whole kit and caboodle, we've got you covered. 

Need a model that both works and looks just like the real thing? Not a problem! Our shop can finish a "looks like, works like" to your requirements, combining the functionality of a prototype and the beauty of an appearance model. 


Our shop is fully stocked to prove any idea you have. These quick and dirty prototypes can prove a concept without the time and investment needed for a proper functional or appearance  model. We've played with everything from aerodynamics to plumbing to stress tests with our breadboarding services. 

Through many iterations, these breadboards quickly evolve into refined products, ready for the next phase of development. 

Short-Run Production

CNC Machining and prototype tooling can get quality parts in your hands fast. Good for testing viability of a product or for limited test runs, our short-run production capabilities can adapt to your design, material, and functional requirements.  


Whether you need five or fifty five, our shop will work with you and figure out the right process for your part quantity and function. Either through CNC machining or our unique soft-tooled urethane casting, the upfront cost of these parts is a fraction of production tooling cost.