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P-10 EyeProfiler

Portable Autorefractor

According to the WHO, approximately 300 million are visually impaired. 80% of blindness cases are preventable through regular eye exams and prompt corrective action.

The Ovitz EyeProfiler works by capturing images of the eye then using proprietary image processing software to extract useful data from these images. Output of the EyeProfiler is so acutely accurate that it can be used as the basis for prescribing corrective lenses.


80% of blindness cases are preventable through regular eye exams and prompt corrective action.

OVITZ prelim
Ovitz ID concepts_29july16_Page_3.png
Ovitz final ID_10aug16_orthos_Page_1_2.p

Blended ID + Engineering

Due to the involved nature of the internals and assembly for the EyeProfiler, our design and engineering phases blended together.

mechanical assembly 3.png


A number of prototypes of the eye profiler were built by our shop team using rapid prototyping and soft tooling processes. SLA were made of the case halves, smoothed out, then used as patterns for silicone molds. Final case parts were poured in urethane, hand finished, and painted. 

Prototype Mechanical Design

A mechanical design phase was undertaken to prepare design files for production in the KEK shop. While not directly suitable for full-run injection molding, these files are perfect for fast prototyping matched to KEK's capabilities. 

exploded assembly drawing-2_color2.png

Prototype Testing

These units allowed Ovitz to test their optic engine in the field and highlight any problem areas with the design. Slight modifications were made as a result of the prototypes and lead to a polished final design. 


Small-run Production

75 units were produced for Ovitz in-house for extensive first-round testing. These units were shipped all over the world and are being used in clinics for communities without regular access to eye care. Feedback from this large-scale test is being used to prepare for further revisions. 

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