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M Series

Point-and-shoot Digital Cameras

A collaborative effort with the Kodak design team, RAM Industrial Design, and KEK, the M Series project was envisioned to refresh the aesthetics and ergonomics of Kodak's point-and-shoot EasyShare product line. The result of our efforts were three new cameras centered around Kodak's revolutionary, wireless photo sharing technology. 

Deveion Acker | Flickr

Hand sketching is the foundation of our process


Foam Form Studies

Quick and inexpensive volume models were sculpted to determine the best ergonomic solutions from our 2D hand sketches. These models were compared for both aesthetic proportions and comfort in the hand. Three refinements of these models were built to narrow the selection.

Kodak M Series Camera Form Studies

Bringing a design into 3D allows for a quick evaluation of a concept's potential.

Kodak M Series Camera Design Render

CAD Development

To refine the form, our designs were built in Solidworks. These 3D models also allowed us to test color schemes and materials on our designs. Two designs were brought this far into development, the one pictured here and a softer, rounded form that can be seen in the appearance models below.

Kodak M Series Camera Design Render

Appearance Models

The final stage of design development for our team at KEK was bringing the two selected forms to life with appearance models. Appearance models are non-functional, yet visually-accurate representations of a final design. They allow for refinement of color, materials and finishes as well as final ergonomic detailing. 

Kodak M Series Camera Model
Kodak M Series Camera Model

Paul Hudson | Flickr

Final designs were a true

collaborative effort between the teams.

Kodak M Series Camera Model
Kodak M Series Camera Model
Kodak M Series Camera Model
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