Orbit ECR

GE’s MDS Orbit ECR (Edge-Connect Router) is an ultra reliable rugged wireless router based on the MDS Orbit platform. It enables operators to extend secure and reliable 2G/3G/4G LTE cellular connectivity to critical applications while minimizing network downtime and improving application availability.

KEK teamed up with GE to revitalize the appearance of the MDS product line, creating a slick and robust aesthetic.

Edge Connected Router
GE MDS Illustrator Render

Functional heatsinking guided the form of the enclosure.

GE MDS CAD Concepts

Graphics Specification

Our teams cover many disciplines including graphic design. With our final design, KEK also provided graphic specification and treatment for the MDS Orbit ECR.

GE MDS Graphics Specification
GE MDS Final ID Render

The KEK Model Shop builds functional prototypes to assess the design before investment in manufacturing.

GE MDS Functional Prototype
GE MDS Functional Prototype