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Confocal Research Microscope

For the RS-G4 project, Caliber I.D., a company specializing in tissue imaging at the cellular level, worked closely with KEK to bring an innovative research microscope to the market. KEK provided design brainstorming through plastics engineering and manufacturing for Caliber I.D.. The result is a cohesive product that provides unprecedented ease-of-use and accuracy encased in a clean, modern housing.

Caliber RS-G4 Production Model

The close collaboration of the teams at KEK and Caliber I.D. resulted in the success of the design.

Caliber RS-G4 Design Concepts

Form Explorations 

Diving straight into three dimensions, our Design Team explored multiple forms and handle configurations to provide an array of options to Caliber I.D.. The design to the right was chosen for refinement and to move forward into mechanical engineering.

Caliber RS-G4 Final Design
Caliber RS-G4 Motion Study


Following form exploration, we turned our attention to manufacturability and engineering. Close examinations into component configurations and mounting for the RS-G4 were the center of attention.

Caliber RS-G4 Exploded View
Caliber RS-G4 Exploded Drawing
Caliber RS-G4 Orthographic Drawing

The KEK Model Shop manufactures the plastic housings for Caliber I.D. RS-G4.

Caliber RS-G4 Testing
Caliber RS-G4 Testing
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