VivaScope System

Clinical confocal microscopes

The VivaScope system is an in vivo confocal imaging tool that uses a lowpowered laser to provide non-invasive, real-time, high-resolution images of the epidermis and the superficial collagen layers.


Tasked with designing a family line of clinical microscopes for Caliber ID, our team has developed a design language to fit a variety of devices and work in any clinical environment. 

VivaScope 2500

In-clinic tissue imaging cuts down the time from testing to results. 

VivaScope 1500

A positionable microscope to image any area on a patient. Works in tandem with the VivaCam


Bigger picture imaging to identify areas of interest.

All three product underwent full product development processes from sketching to prototypes.


The single camera system allows for smooth navigation between overview and dermoscopic images. This time-saving concept allows users to focus their concentration primarily on the patient. Using the macro function allows for large skin areas to be documented without the inconvenience of switching cameras or camera lens.


Engineering for the VivaCam was focused around the grip area and cable management. A soft urethane is overmolded on a harder snap in plastic. The grip insert is designed to hide screw holes and make cleaning of the device easier. A rear insert relieves tension on the main cable and insures a good connection to the PCB.

Once imaged with the VivaCam, the Vivascope 1500 allows an in-depth look at problem areas.

VivaScope 1500

The VivaScope 1500 reflectance confocal imaging system offers a non-invasive way to the skin in vivo from the surface to the superficial collagen layers.

Due to finalized components, our team ideated directly in CAD to keep proportions and volumes correct. A wide variety of handles and grips were evaluated to find the right fit for technicians. 


A lot of attention was placed on getting a snug fit around the Caliber VivaScope engine. Due to sensitive optics, extra care was given to the case attachment points and reducing torque on the engine. 

Centering mechanics in the engine limited options around the grip area. Multiple methods were explored to create an over-molded rubberized grip. 

Small-run Production

A prototype batch of VivaScope 1500 Units were made in house, complete with EMF shielding, to test materials, usability, and buyer interest. 

From these prototypes, feedback was reincorporated into the design and small-run production on the units was started. These traveled the world as sample units in clinics. 

The Vivascope 2500 saves patients and technicians time by imaging samples directly in clinic. 

VivaScope 2500

The VivaScope 2500 is an in-clinic solution for sample testing. The industry standard is to ship samples out to contracted labs for imaging, a process that can take weeks and increases the chances of sample contamination. The 2500 moves that testing right into the clinic and can be done in about 15 minutes. 

This disruption of the industry saves both patients and clinics time and money. Results are delivered on the spot, eliminating second clinic visits.


The VivaScope 2500 required an easy to clean body to house a sensitive imaging engine and stage for samples. The engineering was focused around easy assembly, intuitive use for technicians, and a lid design to keep the internals dust-free and operating smoothly. 

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