KEK collaborated with Callaway to develop a new, refreshing look for their rangefinder family. The goal was to design a set of ergonomic rangefinders that are sleek, engaging, and would fit seamlessly into Callaway's product line.

Three rangefinders were developed, starting with the 300 Laser Rangefinder, which then inspired the Hybrid and Micro rangefinders.

Golf Tools

Allowing you to take aim with confidence

300 Laser Rangefinder

The Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder delivers precise distance measurements in a sleek, sophisticated design. Pin Acquisition Technology locks onto the flagstick up to 300 yards away, ensuring accuracy even when trees and other objects are in the background.

Hybrid Laser Rangefinder

The Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder combines the pin-seeking precision of a laser with the added convenience of a GPS. The laser Pin Acquisition Technology is precisely accurate up to 300 yards and the GPS is preloaded with over 30,000 global courses allowing you to maximize distance information from tee to green.

Micro Laser Rangefinder

The Callaway Micro Laser Rangefinder delivers the benefits of both laser and prism technology within one ultra-compact, lightweight device. You can simply switch between prism and laser modes allowing for ultimate flexibility depending on the course you are playing. Extremely accurate up to 300 yards, measurements are displayed on a convenient LCD screen.

User Interface Design

Beyond the physical design, our team tackled the UI design for the digital readouts. Creating a smooth, logical flow for the user, guided our efforts. A fluid interface completed our design intent for an easy to use and effective rangefinder.

A sleek family look gave Callaway

the competitive edge in the market.

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