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Mobile Radio

Your job takes you into challenging locations, sometimes far from your team. No matter where you go and what demands you face, you can go with the knowledge that the XL-185M’s robust design, crystal clear audio and powerful XL capabilities help keep you connected to the people and information you need to do your job well.


To integrate into the family of devices, the XL-185M takes design cues from the XL-100 Radio previously designed by KEK

concept 3 mod 1 night front.png

Night Mode

Designed for use in vehicles, the inclusion of a cohesive night mode was critical. Each design concept was presented with a night variation to show the illumination in low light. The entire design process for the XL-185M included these secondary images, for the first stage as vector sketches and later as 3D renderings. 


Color, Materials + Finish

To achieve the right first impressions, a product needs the right colors, materials, and finishes. Using our CAD models and renderings, scale-accurate mold textures were applies to the XL-185M to show a variety of finishes. Through these images, the right textures can be picked with confidence before committing to tooling. 

mt 11530 bottom (texture change).jpg
mt 11440 bottom (brushed).jpg

Final Industrial Design

night mode on hover


Trade Show Model

To promote the new design, a larger-than-life model was built in-house by KEK's model makers. Using methods from plywood construction to CNC milled foam, the trade show model was built to last. Complete with button lighting, large monitor for display simulations, and a to-scale mic and cord, the XL-185M model looks just like the real thing. 


Packed and Shipped

KEK's model makers fabricated a custom crate to ship the trade show model directly to the event. Packed with plenty of protective foam and instructions for reassembly, the XL-185M model arrived safely and could be repacked and shipped back to the home office once the show wrapped.

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