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Video Game System

LeapFrog’s LeapTV™ is an educational, active video gaming system designed especially for young children. The LeapTV game system gets kids jumping, dancing and more as they learn core skills across reading, mathematics, science, and cognitive problem solving.

A kid playing with the LeapTV

From blue sky thinking, all the way through engineering, KEK supported LeapFrog

with everything they needed.

Initial LeapTV ideation
Initial LeapTV ideation
LeapTV Design Sketches

A Solid Foundation of Ideation and Sketching

Every project at KEK begins with a plan. This ideation and sketching guides the development of a successful product. We cover all the bases by presenting a wide array of ideas to the client.  This guarantees the best solution out of all of the possibilities a design problem presents. 


The freedom of constraints from LeapFrog allowed our team to create hundreds of ideas, forms, and functions. Some of those can be seen here.   

Solving Three Problems Simultaneously 

The LeapTV required a three-pronged approach. The console, camera, and controller all brought unique problems to the table. To bring a cohesive product to reality, all parts needed to be designed with the others in mind. Here you can see the development of a common aesthetic for the LeapTV.

LeapTV Controller Refined Concept
LeapTV Controller Refined Concept
LeapTV Controller Refined Concept
LeapTV CAD Renders
LeapTV Production Picture
LeapTV Controller Production Picture
Good Design Logo

In 2015, LeapTV was recognized by The Chicago Anthenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for a Good Design Award.

Dr. Toys Best Toys Logo

In 2014, LeapTV was recognized as a Top 10 Toy by Dr. Toy based on lasting play value and a good balance of children's active, creative, and educational experiences.

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