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Blade - B3000

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses provide a wearable smart display with a see-through viewing experience utilizing Vuzix's proprietary waveguide optics and Cobra II display engine. It's like having your computer or smartphone screen information with you wherever you go.


Never before has a product been designed where you can see overlaid information, indoors or out, such as patient data, mapping directions, restaurant menus, weather information, alerts and more without picking up a second screen. Truly revolutionary, Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses are a perfect companion to a smartphone, allowing users to keep their phone in their pockets for almost everything. Finally fashion meets technology in the wearable display arena.


From sketching to production engineering, our team has assisted in every step of Blade's development.


Concept Sketches

For wearable technology, style is critical. From the get-go, the KEK design team focused on nailing the look and feel of the Vuzix Blade. Concept sketches were integral to selling the product idea to investors and management. 


From sketching to production engineering, our team has assisted in every step of Blade's development.

2015-10-29 14.21.09.jpg
MS Blade Top-v2b-3.png

A combination of CAD and 3D printing was used to evaluate the human factors of our design. Many iterations were printed to optimize details such as the nose piece and side arms. 

Style Orthographics

Continuing to refine the style, our designers moved into a combination of CAD and Illustrator. This process allowed for fast yet clean variations. These images to the right tested different stylings against market trends and buyer opinions. 

Test Fitting

MS Blade 2.jpg


Fitting a lot of advanced tech into a light-weight, compact package is no east task. Through many revisions, the right combination of wearability and useability was reached in the engineering phase. 


In 2018, the Vuzix Blade was awarded four International CES Innovation 2018 awards. These awards are in the areas of Fitness, Sports and Biotech; Wireless Handset Accessories; Portable Media Players and Accessories as well as Computer Accessories.

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